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Pavel Mikhailenko art (50)

Pavel Mikhailenko es un artista ruso especializado en 3D, especialmente en la modelación de coches y la creación de fondos para películas o publicidad. Podés ver más trabajos en su página o en CGSociety.

About Pavel

3d experience 10 years. Started from learning all basics in 3d Max 2, then moved to plug-ins. After about 2 years moved to modeling. Have been modeling in Rhino for about 3 years. Then found out about Alias Studio tools )))) Tried myself there. Now i have 1.5 Studio Tools experience. But not so professional, you know, coz i learned it from tutorials found in the internet. And this is a lil bit far from perfect learning process in schools =) In addition i have good skill in 2d painting (mattepainting) in Photoshop + some compositing skill in After Effects (Combustion).

For the last 3 years i work as a freelancer. Made a lot of job for many companies around the world. Last half a year worked in Sweden in PostProduction film Studio (studio work for Volvo mostly) – made some movies for Volvo cars + DVDs for car advertising. Now work at home (in Russia) with one germany PostProduction company.

Have skills in
1. 3D Max (texturing, lighting, animation)
2. Rhino and Studio Tools – Nurbs modeling
3. Photoshop – 2d Digital Painting (car sketches, textures, mattepainting)
4. After Effects (Combustion) – Compositing
5. Some aditional small programs concernig 3d and 2d ))



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