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Super Saiyan 6 is the next form in the Super Saiyan line afterSuper Saiyan 5.Vegeta first reached this level of Super Saiyan in a fight with Goku. This form is far more powerful than the others below it. This form can be reached only if the user already faced some fear that he or she never forgot, and when one reaches this form, they can maintain it for as long as they wish.


Super Saiyan 6 is just an upgrade of the Super Saiyan 5′s appearance and power. The silver color of the Super Saiyan 5′s hair and fur is upgraded to a gold color, in a similar manner to the baseSuper Saiyan form. The hair and tail is lengthened as well, giving an appearance similar to a Super Saiyan 3. The reddish-brown skin pigment that a Super Saiyan 5 possesses is glorified, brightened, and lightened to a light tan color. However, the user’s eye color stays the same color as Super Saiyan 5, unlike the rest of the transformation characteristics, and the eyes are lined with a red color. Super Saiyan 6 deepens the voice of the Super Saiyan 5 even more. The behavior becomes even more serious.




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